Apahida experimental garden in Kolozs county

The garden was founded in spring 2015 in Kolozs county, Apahida commune, 14. Crisan street, within the framework of the Traditional seeds – key to protecting biodiversity project, financed by the EGT 2009-2014 grant, by the NGO Fund in Romania program in the Sustainable Development topics. The garden encompasses 700 square meters and the seeds planted there were obtained within the project`s main activity from people around the country, however a few seeds were obtained through the EcoRuralis partner`s collection. The experimental garden from Apahida provides good grounds for observation of the different species behaviour, resilience and adaptability to their surroundings; they can also be catalogued effectively. The crop seeds can be accessed by anyone who would want to grow these traditional vegetables, for free of charge, provided he/she will help out in the garden or spread the seeds in their own garden, so other people can gain access to them.

The garden from Apahida holds 21 tomato species, 13 pepper species, 4 bean species, 3 species of pumpkin, 1 kind of the following: cucumber, beet, watermelon, cantaloupe, autumn cabbage, onion, parsnips, dill, eggplant and saltbush.