Given that traditional seeds are threatened by loss the project Traditional seeds – key to protecting biodiversity helps small producers who wish to use it in the agriculture.

Objectives: 1) Saving and revitalization of traditional seeds, 2) Increase awareness of the genetic diversity of traditional varieties, 3) Networking in Eastern Europe to carry out advocacy activities, 4) Organizational Development.

Target groups: 1) Small producers, 2) NGOs and public institutions.

Beneficiaries: 40 participants in workshops, 20 NGOs and public institutions, the applicant and project partners.

Results: 2 experimental gardens established, 1 cooperative network of small producers, 1 NGO network, 6 workshops organized, 50 mobilized communities, promotional materials​​.

Applicant: Civitas Foundation for Civil Society.

Norwegian partners, Norges Vel, role: consultancy in developing network between small producers and experimental gardens, advocacy in network and establishment of solutions for cooperation among the NGOs and other institution related to seed regulation and legislation.